Four MedBen team members are celebrating a noteworthy event in 2022… their 25th anniversaries with us! We’re proud of our long-time association with each one of them, and their contributions to our growth and continued success cannot be overstated.
Below, we spotlight our 25-year celebrants and their response to the question, “What do you like about working at MedBen?”

Kathi Hay, Manager of Networks & Provider Affairs: “I like the flexible schedule and working from home. I have met so many good people during my time here… not only my co-workers but also vendors, agents and clients.”
Sharon Mills, Director of Administration: “I work with a lot of very talented people who are passionate, driven and truly care about their work. And MedBen cares about their clients, products and people.”
Tanya Oder, Lead Customer Service Liaison: “I love the flexibility that MedBen offers. I was also impressed with the manner in which they responded to COVID very quickly, with no interruption to our customers.”
Darcy Sickles, Manager of Claims Processing: “I appreciate the determination and willingness MedBen has with meeting client and employee needs, and its level of participation with helping the community.”