Plan members have always had the ability to print their ID cards, but now employers can do so as well! A new feature on the desktop version of MedBen Access allows plan administrators to select, download and print member ID cards in just a few simple steps.

Both medical and dental ID cards are available to download (if you provide member dental cards). It’s a useful tool if a member forgets or loses their card!

Clients can request from their account manager a summary about how to use the ID card feature. And while you’re logged in to MedBen Access, you can take advantage of other administrator services available on MedBen Access:

  • Download Medicare D letters and COBRA correspondence (if MedBen administers these options).
  • Access your plan’s provider network(s) (if applicable).
  • Review MedBen Access member transactions, such as enrollments, changes, and ID card requests.
  • Look up member eligibility and claims and accumulator information.

Clients with questions about using MedBen Access administrator features can call our Information Coordinator Cindy Dittoe at 740-522-7314.