From WebMd:

“Prices for medications may be very different from pharmacy to pharmacy, even within the same ZIP code. So you may be able to save money on your medicines by shopping around for the best price.

“Every pharmacy… has its own markup on drugs. Prices differ, based on their markup, the brand of the medication, and how much you order.”

MedBen Rx offers an easy way for members to compare local drug prices by name, dosage, and frequency of use. The Member Prescription Portal, available through MedBen Access, offers an Alternate Pharmacy Pricing feature. Members can search for a medication in a selected zip code to get prices from area pharmacies. 

Members can also use the Prescription Portal to review their drug purchases, check their accumulated deductible, and compare lower-cost equivalents to their current drugs. If you’re a MedBen client, ask your Account Manager for additional information about the Prescription Portal that you can distribute to your employees.