Alternative pricing strategies like reference-based pricing, direct-to-employer contracting, and commercial bundled payments are gaining in appeal – but these solutions are nothing new for MedBen. Many of our clients have had these strategies in place for years and already benefit from healthier employee populations and reduced coverage costs.

  • Reference-based pricing (RBP) pays providers and facilities a percentage of a fair and established benchmark (Medicare) pricing. Through RBP options, our clients are able to realize an additional average 20% savings on medical claims, compared to traditional PPO discounts.
  • Direct-to-employer contracting brings together employers and providers in plans that promote effective use of regional care. As a proven method to help lower costs, it’s easy to see why 18% of health care plans now contract directly with hospitals and physicians.
  • With commercial bundled payment services, MedBen draws upon its experience with Medicare bundled payments to provide the same cost-saving benefits to clients. Current bundled payment services can be found with hip, knee, and other joint replacement surgeries.

For more information about alternative pricing strategies available in your area, contact the MedBen Sales and Marketing team at 800-627-8683.