For MedBen clients in 2021, 11% of emergency room visits were potentially avoidable… typically for conditions that could have been better managed in a more cost-effective setting. A visit to an urgent care facility or family doctor cost, on average, $1,363 less than an avoidable ER visit.
The MedBen Analytics online portal offers reporting that allows you to review avoidable ER visits by diagnosis and potential savings. To generate these reports:

  1. Sign on to MedBen Analytics and elect “Reports” from the tool bar located on the left of your screen.
  2. Select “Avoidable ER – Diagnosis” and/or “Avoidable ER Visits Savings,” then click “Run.”
  3. Set your desired parameters and benchmarks. We recommend generating the report based on a paid basis.
  4. Use the “Settings” drop-down to export the report as a PDF file, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Click “Run” again to generate the report.

If you need help generating reports or have any questions about them, contact your Account Management team. They will be happy to assist you.
Additionally, MedBen recently created a flyer listing common uses for emergency rooms and urgent care that you are welcome to download and share with your employees.