Logging on to the MedBen Access mobile app has just become faster and easier! Users can now enable biometric recognition to use their face ID or fingerprint to access claims and benefits information. In addition, we’ve added a “Forgot User ID or Password” button in case you need help logging in.

To enable biometric recognition on the MedBen Access mobile app:

  • The next time you log in to the app, you will be given the option of setting up face ID or fingerprint log in.
  • If you respond “Yes” to the setup request, you will then be asked if you want to allow the app to use biometric login. Press “OK” and the feature will be enabled.
  • If at some point you want to disable the biometric login, simply select “Settings” from the main menu and press “Disable Biometric Login.” Likewise, if you wish to enable biometric login at a later time (or choose not to enable it when first given the option), press “Set Up Biometric Login” in Settings.

As for the “Forgot User ID or Password” feature, simply press the button and enter the requested information, and you’ll be back on the app in no time!

Members with questions about using MedBen Access are welcome to call our Customer Service Department at 800-686-8425.