MedBen takes to heart the mission of being “the benefits partner that employers prefer.” That’s why we regularly send Client Satisfaction Surveys to our clients, asking for honest feedback about their experience with services provided. These surveys are studied and discussed by our Executive team, and when warranted, procedural changes are made based on your responses.

In 2018, survey results showed a 4.8 average rating (out of 5) for claims accuracy and 4.9 average rating for medical claims turnaround time. To maintain ISO Certification, MedBen sets stringent goals for accuracy and turnaround, so we’re pleased that clients take notice of the efficiency.

Additionally, clients awarded an average of 4.9 for staff professionalism, with a recent comment commending our “professional, dedicated staff who deliver outstanding service.” Respondents also gave a 4.9 for the staff’s ability to handle inquires and resolve issues (93% of all calls to Customer Service were resolved on the first call).

As always, we appreciate your willingness to complete these surveys. Your feedback is what keeps us evolving and helps us provide the exceptional services you deserve. If you have questions regarding MedBen’s Client Satisfaction Survey, please contact Project Manager Beth Painter at 900-423-3151, Ext. 420.