Contracting directly with a health system offers employers pricing control, member access to high-quality local care, and the flexibility to create multiple benefit options. At this year’s MedBen University roundtables, Regional Sales Director Brooke Hupp pointed out another advantage of MedBen’s direct-to-employer contracting solutions.

“When entering into a contract with a health system, MedBen still keeps the ability to audit claims clinically and financially,” Hupp said. “By doing so, we make sure that you pay only for medically necessary services, and that you can dispute claims found not to be medically necessary.”

Auditing by board-certified medical specialists is part of the forensic claims review provided by MedBen. The same process that protects clients with PPO plans from facing questionable claims also ensures that direct contracting plans pay the right price for the right claim.

“The beauty of direct-to-employer contracting is you’re going to get better pricing than PPO contracts while removing the risk of balance billing,” Hupp added.

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