From Benefits Pro: “The median launch price of a new drug in the US soared from $2,115 in 2008 to $180,007 in 2021, a 20% annual inflation rate over the period, researchers at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found.”
Contributing to these higher launch prices are the increased costs of drug marketing. And as the chart below shows, nearly 90% of drugmaker marketing spend goes towards rebates that often find their way into the pockets of PBMs in exchange for formulary access.

It’s also important to understand that just because a drug is new doesn’t mean it’s better. All the new drug has to do to get FDA approval is to show “statistical significance” compared to a placebo.
MedBen Rx comparative effectiveness is an effective way to combat high-cost drug marketing. We use evidence-based research to match your members with the right medications. And when new drugs are introduced, we evaluate cost vs. effectiveness.
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