Less than 10% of plan members have made the switch to electronic explanations of benefits (EOBs) on MedBen Access… and there are benefits to going “paperless” that have nothing to do with saving trees (though that’s not a bad thing, either). By using MedBen Access online or via the mobile app…

  • Instead of waiting for a paper EOB in the mail, plan members who switch to electronic EOBs get an email notification when the EOB is available for download on the same day it’s posted to MedBen Access.
  • Every electronic EOB for the current and prior calendar year is available for members to download.
  • Electronic EOBs are a convenient way for members to submit documentation for FSA or HRA reimbursement (a feature also available on MedBen Access online and mobile).

If at any time a member wishes to switch back to receiving printed EOBs, they can simply change their preferences on MedBen Access.

MedBen has a “Make the Switch to Electronic EOBs” flyer that clients are welcome to distribute to your employees however you wish. To request the flyer, or you have any questions about switching to electronic EOBs or any MedBen Access feature, contact your Account Management team.