Caroline FrakerMedBen Senior Vice President & Chief Privacy Officer Caroline Fraker was recently named Chair of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators (SPBA) effective June 1, 2019. SPBA is the national association of third party administration (TPA) firms that manage client employee benefit plans.

“We’re happy that Caroline has agreed to serve as Chair,” said Anne Lennan, SPBA president. “Her industry experience has been a great asset to our organization as we work to support our Member administrators of self-funded plans with information and advocacy.”

Fraker said she was honored to be named Chair. “The SPBA offers education and support to TPAs, and by extension the clients they serve. I’m pleased to play a part in ensuring that every self-funded employer receives knowledgeable service,” she said. Fraker joined the SPBA Board in 2015.

In addition to TPA awareness, Board members regularly visit Washington DC to educate lawmakers on the finer points of health benefits. “We’re not there as lobbyists, but rather as a resource to offer the TPA perspective on legislative matters,” Fraker said.

A 30-plus year veteran of employee benefits, Fraker assists MedBen clients with regulatory compliance, contractual and risk management issues. In addition to her SPBA responsibilities, she also serves on the Government Affairs Committee of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce.