We’re nearly two-thirds of the way through 2022… so if your plan offers members a MedBen FSA debit card, it’s a good time to remind them about its benefits!

Customer hands over her payment customer card
  • When members use their card to pay for qualified purchases, they don’t have to substantiate those expenses – that means less paperwork.
  • Ease of use encourages members to make all qualified purchases through the FSA – that means greater overall tax savings.

If you don’t offer a MedBen FSA debit card, there’s no better time to add it. The card is accepted at physician offices, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals nationwide. Members can also use the card to shop at FSA Store for thousands of guaranteed FSA-eligible products – and, again, no substantiation is required!
(And on those rare occasions when members do need to substantiate a debit card purchase, no problem… they can just submit substantiation receipts through the MedBen Access portal or via our app!)
Get more information about the MedBen FSA debit card by calling us at 888-627-8683.