Brian Fargus speaking at Healthcare Innovation Conference 2021MedBen President & CEO Kurt Harden and VP of Sales & Marketing Brian Fargus were featured speakers at the Sherrill-Morgan 8th Annual Healthcare Innovation Conference on October 19-20. The event brought together employers from Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee to learn strategies that help reduce and control rising healthcare costs.
In his presentation, Harden discussed the economics of direct-to-employer contracting. While cost is more important than a discount for saving money, employers often measure savings by the discount. “Well-designed direct-contracting plans shift from discounts to lower costs and more efficient settings,” Harden said.
Fargus’ presentation gave a financial case for wellness. Through preventive care, the risk and costs of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and other conditions are greatly reduced. “Compliance-based plans spend nearly 25% less per employee on CVD claims compared to those that aren’t compliance-based,” he noted.