Among the advantages of the HealthJoy TPA+ technology experience is the ability to integrate your entire benefits package into one platform… even benefits not administered by MedBen. The HealthJoy implementation team will handle the integration process on your behalf.

If your benefits change throughout the year, HealthJoy is still the go-to source for benefits details. They can support off-cycle benefit releases with employee announcements and seamless updates in the app, so there’s no need to wait until open enrollment to launch something new.
Once integration is completed, The HealthJoy healthcare concierge staff will be standing by to help employees navigate every benefit, and their customer success team will be ready to help your HR team. Plus, you’ll you’ll have access to an outbound messaging tool to keep employees engaged.
To learn more about benefits integration and other valuable services available from HealthJoy TPA+, call MedBen at 888-627-8683.