From helping patients find providers to offering virtual one-on-one medical consultations, MedBen’s HealthJoy Enhanced Navigation offers your employees immediate 24/7/365 assistance… and that includes holidays.

HealthJoy’s Find Care service, which provides physician and facility recommendations, will help employees find high-quality, fairly-priced care that meets their healthcare needs. Plus, our team of healthcare concierges can help patients book appointments and even estimate their potential costs.

If it’s a minor health concern, patients don’t have to wait in an ER or an urgent care center for diagnosis and treatment. Highly-qualified medical providers can evaluate common conditions like cough & fever, headaches & body aches, sinus & respiratory infections, and many more.

HealthJoy uses live support and outreach to connect employees with care around the clock, enhancing value and improving healthcare outcomes. Learn more by calling MedBen Marketing at 888-627-8683.