HealthJoy TPA+HealthJoy TPA+ revolutionizes how your members access care, providing a one-stop shop platform for all of their benefits, programs, and strategies. This industry-leading technology experience offers features that go beyond the standard healthcare benefits app.

  • HealthJoy TPA+ receives insurance verification, precert/preauth, case management, and claims data to provide a truly proactive experience.
  • Behavioral Health Telemedicine is included at no extra charge.
  • Rewards Program management is also included. This program is used when incentives are put in place by the employer – HealthJoy administers, manages, and reports so members get rewarded for doing the right thing.
  • Personalized, targeted and meaningful outbound communication and outreach.
With proactive and personalized engagement, clients see 30% of their members engage with HealthJoy TPA+ monthly!
View a brief video of how HealthJoy TPA+ simplifies the healthcare experience here. For additional information, contact MedBen at 888-627-8683.