High cholesterol is nothing new; In fact, a recent discovery found that four-thousand-year-old mummies had cholesterol buildup in their arteries, suggesting that heart disease was likely more common in ancient times than once thought.

Today, more than 35 million American adults are diagnosed with high cholesterol, putting them at greater risk for heart disease. MedBen WellLiving is designed to help your benefits plan decrease the number of plan members affected (physically and financially) by the condition.

Since high cholesterol almost never has any symptoms before it’s too late, WellLiving recommends people receive a cholesterol screening (a simple blood test) every five years from their family physician. If high cholesterol is detected, a physician can intervene quickly to increase the likelihood of a good prognosis. WellLiving also offers nurse coaching, which gives employees an extra resource should they have questions or concerns regarding their condition.

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