growth progress chartAccording to the National Business Group on Health, large companies predict the total cost of workplace health care coverage to increase 5% from 2019. Meanwhile, MedBen continues to remain below not only national trend, but also below the national average cost.

For example, in 2018 MedBen’s block of business trended only +0.4% from 2017, compared to +4.0% nationally. And our average total cost was more than 7% under the national average.

MedBen draws on its 80+ years of benefits management experience to help clients keep their costs as possible. We employ multiple saving strategies to do this, including claims management, actionable reporting and innovative pharmacy solutions.

For more information on how MedBen can provide self-funding solutions for your benefits plan, contact VP of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus today at 888-627-8683.