Doctor with stethoscope on blurred hospital background.The MedBen Analytics COVID-19 Dashboard based on MedBen’s overall business block shows the pandemic’s effect on hospital, urgent care, and emergency care utilization. As of August 31:

  • Inpatient hospital claims saw a significant decrease in May, going down 32% from January. They have since gone up 10% from May to August.
  • Outpatient hospital claims took a big dip in May (down 61% from January), but are slowly climbing back up (64% from May to August).
  • Emergency room and urgent care claims have also seen huge declines. ER is down 42%, while urgent care has dropped 44% since January.
To track how COVID-19 has affected your plan, visit MedBen Analytics or contact your Account Management team. For more information about how the MedBen Analytics online employer dashboard can deliver additional savings to you, please contact Marketing Analyst Morgan Hardy at