In addition to live concierge support by phone and text, HealthJoyTPA+ offers “JOY,” a 24/7 virtual benefits assistant. JOY is the first face your plan members will see within our technology experience, and is always available to help them navigate their benefits.

How does JOY assist members?

  • She speeds up requests. From provider searches to bill reviews, JOY gets the ball rolling. She’ll ask the member questions and submit their responses to HealthJoy specialists, who will work to complete the ticket.
  • She’s the ultimate outreach tool. JOY can personalize outreach to your entire company, such as encouraging everyone to get a flu shot or pointing them toward the closest pharmacy. Or if a member hasn’t used HealthJoy for a while, JOY re-engages them with personalized messages.
  • She helps members lower their healthcare spend. When a member is looking for urgent care, JOY can remind them how to access telemedicine for free or low cost. Or if they request a mental health professional, she might recommend your free EAP offering.

To learn more about the ways that JOY and HealthJoyTPA+ concierge services can help your members become better healthcare consumers, call MedBen at 888-627-8683.