MedBen Analytics has a new COVID-19 Impact Dashboard for plan administrators. From COVID-19 testing claims to telehealth and office visit utilization trends, the dashboard helps to quickly track the pandemic’s effects on your plan.

As you review your COVID-19 data, you may find changes from typical care patterns. Based on MedBen’s overall block of business:

  • Routine and preventative office visits have declined by nearly 50% compared to 2019, yet mental health visits have remained steady. These visits should start slowly increasing in the coming months.
  • Telehealth utilization has increased over 200% from April to May 2020 alone. The highest telehealth diagnoses are for mood and anxiety disorders, followed closely by depression.
  • Inpatient stays have remained stable. However, outpatient procedures have dropped significantly due to cancellation or postponement of elective surgeries.
  • Urgent care visits have dropped as patients seek alternative management or avoid care during this time. Emergency room utilization has remained stable.

To access this dashboard, plan administrators should log on to the MedBen Analytics portal, and click “COVID-19 Impact Dashboard” from the left sidebar menu. Clients and brokers with questions can direct them to Marketing Analyst Morgan Hardy at