Pharmacist Pouring Pills into BottleIn an era where employer pharmacy plans routinely face annual double-digit cost increases, MedBen clients are seeing things differently.

Employers who utilized MedBen pharmacy solutions in their 2018 plans realized an average 2.7% decrease in per-member spending from 2017. The cost reductions coincide with last year’s emergence of MedBen Rx’s innovative programs to help clients lower their pharmacy spending.

MedBen Rx offers two unique ways to help employers avoid the wholesale price “margin manipulation” inherent in traditional pharmacy plans: Rx Advocate, which bases client drug costs on the prices the pharmacy pays plus a reasonable dispensing fee; and Rx Alliance, which builds partnerships between hospitals, pharmacies and qualified organizations to offer the lowest drug prices possible.

Pharmacy case studies and cost reduction strategies are regularly discussed at MedBen University events, so if you’ve recently received an invite to an upcoming roundtable, we encourage you to attend and discover for yourself how MedBen Rx can help your business share in the savings.

Additionally, MedBen has dedicated an entire website to its pharmacy solutions: There, you’ll find program descriptions, an Rx Report Blog, and an FAQ page.