Like many of our clients, MedBen uses the WellLiving program to promote better physical health companywide. But because many of our staff fancy themselves overachievers, we’ve upped the ante with “enCompass” – a total wellness package to improve mind and body, and earn some well-deserved time off along the way.

Our enCompass program brings together six distinct components that contribute to one’s personal wellbeing – physical, intellectual, financial, social, occupational, and emotional. Each component offers a unique set of activities, from workout classes and nutritional seminars to tax tips and meditation sessions.

By participating in enCompass activities, MedBen employees earn points that can be used toward extra vacation time. Nearly 20% of our employees participated in the program in 2018, and over two-thirds of those participating reached a vacation benchmark.

Ed Nydegger gained the most enCompass points, and in doing so, earned an extra day-and-a-half of vacation time. Nice job, Ed!

MedBen employees who earned a full day vacation include: Robin Becker, Ashlyn Degler, Caroline Fraker, Sheri Gutridge, Janice Harris, Tammy Jones, Caroline Keaser, Erin Kelly, Becky McCune, Brenda McLean, Jackie Turner and Cathy Valentine.

Half-day vacation earners include: Abbie Brown, Cindy Dittoe, Lynette Feliciano-Justice, Bobbie Painter, Stacy Spring and Brooke Wheeler.

In 2019, MedBen will continue to promote total wellbeing with additional enCompass programming. Congratulations to every MedBen employee who earned time off or participated in enCompass!

MedBen can work with WellLiving clients to offer similar activities and incentives to expand their wellness program. For more information, contact your Group Service Representative.