HIPAA and HITECH training

Senior Vice President Caroline Fraker leads MedBen’s 2019 HIPAA and HITECH training on September 24.

Clients entrust MedBen with sensitive information, and it is always our goal to maintain that trust. As such, every MedBen employee is required to attend annual HIPAA and HITECH training. Led by Senior Vice President Caroline Fraker and Vice President of Information Systems Wendell Crain – who also serve as MedBen’s Chief Privacy Officer and Chief Security Officer, respectively – the training session includes detailed information about privacy and security rules, and ways to stay vigilant online as well as in our office work areas.

Behind the scenes, MedBen’s MIS team works diligently to ensure that client data remains secure. We have hired an outside security company to try to penetrate our systems and our buildings. The company’s tests range from fake emails with viruses on them, to digging through our outdoor dumpster for personal information. These tests keep MedBen mindful of the potential threats and allow us to continuously update our procedures and online systems to help avoid any real threats.

As MedBen clients, we also remind you to stay vigilant against security threats. Never send any sensitive information via email (even to us!). If MedBen requires sensitive information and you do not have access to a secure portal (such as MedBen Secure), give us a call and we can provide you with the fax number for the appropriate department. As much as they may seem antiquated in today’s world, fax machines still work as a secure transporter of your data.