Now that one-third of MedBen’s block of business uses some form of reference-based pricing (RBP) or direct-to-employer (DTE) contracting, these alternative reimbursement strategies are outperforming standard PPO plans in multiple ways.
In terms of costs, MedBen clients who used RBP or DTE contracting in 2019 saved an average of 24.7% compared to traditional PPO plans.
MedBen RBP and DTE clients also saw better wellness outcomes. For example, in 2019 mammogram member compliance beat national norms by 15.2%, colon cancer screening compliance was 10.0% better, and cholesterol screening compliance for members 40 to 64 years beat national norms by 18.3%. Overall, RBP and DTE plan members met wellness metrics by an average of 12.6% over national norms.
Additionally, RBP and DTE clients that supported their plan with MedBen WellLiving had an even higher difference in compliance compared to national norms.
Plan administrators can easily compare their plan performance to MedBen and national norms on MedBen Analytics’ Executive Dashboard. If you’re not yet familiar with the dashboard, email Marketing Analyst Morgan Hardy at