blue and white pills spilling from bottleThree-quarters of MedBen clients have switched to MedBen Rx Advocate for their pharmacy benefits. “And when they do, they are saving money,” said Brian Fargus, MedBen’s VP of Sales & Marketing.

In 2019 MedBen Rx clients saved 12.0% average cost per script, and an overall 14.8% savings compared to their previous PBMs. In addition to the plan savings, member copays went down.

MedBen Rx Advocate was designed to have total transparency. “With our program, gone are the days of spread pricing and margin manipulation,” Fargus said. “Also gone are discount and rebate guarantees. If your program is centered around discount and rebate guarantees, you are paying too much. Our clients know that no one is profiting off the cost of a drug… they receive 100% of the rebates, and who is getting paid and how much. That’s our guarantee.”

To learn more about MedBen Rx Advocate, call MedBen’s Marketing Department at 888-627-8683.