Pharmacist Pouring Pills into BottleA key to reducing pharmacy plan costs is to eliminate the use of spread pricing – the difference between what pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) charge employer plans for drugs and what the actual pharmacy pays for them. Often, this “spread” can be substantial, as PBMs profit greatly from their lack of transparency.

MedBen Rx Advocate removes spread pricing from the equation. We work to keep the cost of patient medications as low as possible through complete transparency – no margin manipulation or hidden incentives. The price our members pay for a prescription drug is the average price pharmacies paid for it, plus set dispensing and administration fees.

Moreover, MedBen draws on its benefits management experience to help clients reduce their pharmacy plan expenses even further. We use multiple strategies to control your prescription costs, backed by our guarantee of 100% rebate reimbursement. In short, our costs are lower, and we have the case studies to prove it.

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