pillsIf you’re tired of trying to figure out all of the confusing lingo and mathematics of the pharmaceutical world, MedBen Rx Advocate is for you. Our straightforward approach to pharmacy solutions has been proven to save clients money and the best part is, you only need to understand one term: Acquisition Cost Index (ACI).

ACI is the true average cost the pharmacy pays to acquire a specific drug on a particular day. MedBen Rx Advocate starts with this cost, adds in a set dispensing and vendor fee which is determined at the start of your contract year… and that’s all that you pay for a prescription. There are no confusing discounts, or disproportionate inflations, and we definitely do not retain any portion of your rebates – 100% goes back to your plan.

Through ACI, our clients were able to realize an average savings of 11.3% in 2018, compared to their previous pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) contracts.

For more information on how MedBen Rx Advocate can help your pharmacy plan or work in conjunction with your health plan, visit us online at www.medbenrx.com or give us a call at 888-627-8683.