pill bottlesMedBen Rx Advocate offers clients true transparency by removing the ability for pharmacy benefits managers to manipulate drug pricing. By using fee-based pricing, we avoid the margin markups that PBM “middlemen” use to inflate their profits.

The Hill reports that “between 2013 and 2018, middlemen increased their share of cashflow from brand-name drug purchases by 12.5 percent… Price transparency, which will heighten price competition, is the answer to eliminating the abuse by these middlemen.”

Switching to MedBen Rx Advocate saves our clients an average of 11.3 percent on drug costs compared to their previous PBM contracts. Our commitment to price transparency ensures that your pharmacy plan isn’t geared toward PBM profits, but toward cost savings for you and your plan members.

If you want to take a closer look at MedBen Rx Advocate and see the savings that your PBM may be keeping from you, contact us today at 888-627-8683.