medicine pills on counting trayThree-quarters of MedBen clients use MedBen Rx prescription programs and are seeing the benefits first-hand. By utilizing our forward-thinking pharmacy solutions, these groups realized an average savings of 14.8% per employee per year, compared to those using other PBMs.
Additionally, from 2015 to 2019, the MedBen Rx block of business continued to beat national cost trends. This occurred despite the growing popularity of high-cost specialty drugs to treat complex conditions. But through fee-based pricing, creative plan design strategies, and flexible formularies, MedBen Rx helps employers keep prescription costs as low as possible.
MedBen offers no-obligation free Rx evaluations. If you want to learn how to reduce your pharmacy spend and eliminate PBMs from profiting off your members’ medical misfortunes, call us at 888-627-8683 to see if we can help.