From booths at the Indiana and Ohio SHRM Conferences, to President and CEO Kurt Harden speaking at the 6th Annual Healthcare Innovation Conference in Cincinnati (and lots of stop in between), MedBen has been actively engaged in the opportunity to meet with hundreds of employers, all looking for the same thing: innovative solutions for cost-effective health benefits.

Over the last several months, not only did we have the opportunity to speak at events, we had the opportunity to hear from reputable vendors and colleagues on what they too, are doing to elevate the industry.

And our on-the-road show isn’t stopping so soon. While VP of Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer Caroline Fraker is at the SPBA Fall Meeting and fulfilling her duty as Chair, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Brian Fargus will attend the SIIA’s National Conference & Expo at the end of the month. Marketed as the world’s largest self-insurance event, the SIIA conference holds value as offering numerous educational opportunities, in addition to the opportunity to meet with new vendors that our clients may benefit from.

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