Cancer definitionEffective January 1, 2020, MedBen WellLiving has updated its pap smear compliance guidelines. Previously, the recommendation was that women age 21 and older receive a pap smear every three years… but based on USPSTF (United States Preventative Services Task Force) guidelines pap smears are now recommended every three years from ages 21 through 29, and every five years from ages 30 through 64.

If your health plan currently offers a MedBen WellLiving program, women 30-64 years old will be due for their next pap smear five years after their last test was completed.

WellLiving program members can check the date of their last pap smear and other recommended screenings online by going to and clicking on “MedBen Access,” or downloading the MedBen Access mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Online information will begin to update after the first of the year to reflect this recommendation.

Regardless of the change, we still encourage women to speak with their family doctor or gynecologist at their annual visit to discuss any concerns they may have. Based on this information, as well as other information including family history, the physician may opt to perform a pap smear more frequently.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact your Account Representative. Additionally, you can download and distribute our MedBen WellCare newsletter with information about the USPSTF recommendation and the importance of cervical cancer testing.