Ohio and Kentucky Capitol BuildingsEarlier this month, the Governors of Ohio and Kentucky declared state emergencies that mandated self-funded public employers to make temporary changes to their health plans in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. MedBen’s summaries of these public employer requirements in Ohio and Kentucky are available for download at medben.com.

Remember, these state-specific mandates are required for public employers in addition to the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act mandates. We encourage MedBen public sector clients with employees in Ohio and Kentucky to read the relevant summary and contact us with any questions they may have.

Ohio self-funded public employer mandates include:

  • Continued coverage eligibility for employees who would otherwise be ineligible due to a decrease in work hours;
  • An option of deferred premium payments for covered individuals of up to 60 calendar days from each original premium due date; and
  • Reminders regarding COBRA coverage availability for employers that employ 20 or more employees, provided one person remains actively employed.

Ohio self-funded employers are also required to cover COVID-19 testing and treatment at the same cost levels for both in- and out-of-network care. Emergency services must be covered in accordance with standard plan provisions.

Kentucky self-funded public employer mandates include:

  • Waiver of cost-sharing and any prior authorization requirements for screening and testing for COVID-19, as specified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);
  • Ensuring that provider networks are adequate to handle increased care needs, contracted providers are aware of cost-sharing and any prior authorization waivers, and employer websites contain complete and accurate COVID-19 coverage information; and
  • In cases of prescription drug coverage, allowing plan members to request refills even if prescription was recently filled, consistent with approval from patients’ health care providers and/or pharmacists.

Again, please take a few moments to review the complete summary applicable to your employees. If you have questions, contact MedBen Senior Vice President Caroline Fraker at 800-851-0907 or cfraker@medben.com.