blue and white pills spilling from bottleA recent article in the Columbus Dispatch highlights how pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) are making big profits on the backs of the taxpayers and threatening the existence of the independent pharmacy. The article focuses on the Ohio Medicaid program, but this issue is also hitting employer health plans in the same manner. Lack of pricing transparency remains, and PBMs aren’t willing to budge. This is where MedBen Rx Advocate steps in.

MedBen Rx Advocate exists for one purpose: To serve as an advocate for its customers and ensure that no party profits off the price of any given drug. Our solution ensures that the employer health plan can see exactly who is making what as it pertains to the administration of their pharmacy benefit plan.

MedBen Rx Advocate eliminates the ability to make margin on drugs and is strictly fee-based. That in turn saves the employer money and is also fair to the dispensing pharmacy.

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