On behalf of our entire team, I wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your continued business with MedBen.

We often say that “MedBen Delivers,” and it’s a statement that covers a variety of factors such as plan design strategies, claims processing accuracy, and client service. But I want to take a moment to focus on something else that we strive to deliver… results.

MedBen has built its reputation on innovative solutions that produce demonstrable cost savings while maintaining quality health care benefits. A great example of this is our direct-to-employer contracting and other alternative reimbursement strategies. By contracting directly with local health care systems for the lowest rates, clients have, on average, reduced their medical costs by up to 20% compared to traditional PPO plans.

We have also expanded MedBen Rx offerings and built upon “cost plus” pricing (which alone reduces client drug costs by 8 to 15% on average over “markup-minus” pricing). We have also brought clients significant savings using strategies such as comparative effectiveness pharmacy recommendations and “own use” pricing for our health care and other qualified clients.

MedBen’s insistence on delivering results and standing with our clients even led us to a United States Supreme Court win for one of our clients and MedBen earlier this year.

Throughout 2023, we will be sharing client case studies highlighting our benefit solutions. If you’re ever interested in knowing how a specific result may benefit your plan, contact your Account Management Team.

Lastly, a reminder that your feedback matters. If you haven’t completed a Client Survey lately, I encourage to do so. Or if you want to talk with me personally, just give me a call 740-522-7345.

Once again, thank you, and best wishes for a healthy and successful 2023!

Kurt Harden
President & CEO