MedBen has the answer!

Our proven self-funding solutions begin with traditional PPO plans, but don’t end there. We also offer alternative reimbursement strategies such as…

  • Traditional reference-based pricing (RBP) that pays providers a fair and reasonable fee for medical services.
  • Direct-to-employer contracting (DTE) with area health care systems at agreed-upon rates.
  • Benefit-specific RBP – Laser-focused RBP aimed at risk reduction.
  • Out-of-network RBP for any services received outside your plan’s provider network.
  • Hybrid RBP that combines a physician PPO network with a hospital RBP.

From 2018 to 2021, MedBen clients using DTE or RBP plans outperformed traditional PPO plans by an average of 21.2% (see chart below).

Find out how our alternative reimbursements strategies can save your plan money by calling us at 888-627-8683.