Welcome Providers!

MedBen is pleased to have you as a wellness partner. We're dedicated to working with you to ensure that your patients have access to the care they need without having to worry about extra paperwork. And we're equally committed to giving you fast and accurate claims processing.

In this area, you can access the MedBen Access Provider Portal. On this secure website, medical providers can use the portal to check patient eligibility and view claims status. Vision providers can fill out electronic claims which can be routed to MedBen or a designated lab. The Portal Instructions pages guide you through self-registration and explain how to use site features.

If you have questions regarding portal registration or site usage, please contact MedBen Provider Affairs at 800-423-3151 or

Additionally, you will find an overview for using our BeneFax system, to get claims and benefits information quickly via your fax machine. Or if you need to send a claim by regular mail, you can download forms for medical, vision and dental patients. If you have any questions about their use, please contact MedBen Customer Service at 800-686-8425 or

And thanks for your service to our customers!