smiling dentistWhen you go in for your twice-yearly dental exam, your dentist isn’t just seeing if you’ve been brushing. Teeth and gums provide a wealth of medical information – and may even alert the dentist to the possibility of multiple diseases.

  • Diabetes. Missing teeth and periodontal pockets may be indicators that a patient has diabetes or is at risk for developing the disease.
  • Heart Disease. “Inflamed gums and loose teeth can be warnings of heart disease,” says Alyson Hope Koslow, DDS, of the University of Illinois Chicago.
  • Dementia. Because gum disease-related bacteria can reach the brain causing inflammation, poor oral hygiene can serve as a warning sign to the dentist.
  • Kidney Disease. In addition to gum problems, symptoms such as dry mouth and bad breath may indicate the existence of kidney disease.

The potential revelations don’t end there. Osteoporosis, leukemia, and oral and pancreatic cancers are all detectable through regular dental checkups – and sound dental coverage, like that offered through MedBen PreceDent, goes a long way in encouraging healthier teeth and gums.

MedBen PreceDent offers reduced costs through network care, as well as such value-added services as dental implants and periodontal scaling. And preventive care (which includes exams) is covered in full.

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