medicine pills on counting trayMedBen Rx comparative effectiveness brings clinical research and employers together to find the most effective drugs at the best cost. You can save 10-40% on pharmacy costs by changing to drugs with better outcomes.
The benefits of comparative effectiveness include:
  • Evidence-based. Generic doesn’t always mean cheap, and specialty drugs aren’t always special. We use evidence-based research to find you the best solution.
  • You’re in charge. You don’t have to put up with PBM games and threats of taking away your rebates. You decide how you save.
  • Solutions for employers large and small. Our services range from individual physician outreach to focused formularies… something for everyone.
Additionally, comparative effectiveness is an ongoing solution. We continually reevaluate cost vs. effectiveness as new drugs are introduced and prices change.
MedBen Rx offer solutions that will save you money – and we can prove it. Call us at 888-627-8683 to see for yourself.