woman with pill bottleA recent study shows that women are less likely than men to take statins, a medication commonly used to lower cholesterol, which reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. The study states that “Women and men had different beliefs about the role of statins… Women were more likely to worry about having a heart attack or stroke – yet less likely to believe that having high cholesterol could contribute to one.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, statins can help to prevent the onset of heart attacks and stroke, much like exercise and diet. The study attributes the misconception to physicians, who need to further educate patients about the use of the medication. But patients need to be proactive about their concerns as well.

As part of MedBen WellLiving, cholesterol screenings are recommended every five years from a family physician. As with all chronic conditions, early detection is best… but cholesterol screenings are especially important as high cholesterol has no symptoms. A simple blood test can check cholesterol levels.

If your health plan has implemented MedBen WellLiving and you would like to check your compliance status for recommended screenings, or to find when you are next due for tests, you can do so visiting MedBen Access.