pillsA recent Benefits Pro article highlights two pharmacy benefits management (PBM) business models: traditional and pass-through. MedBen Rx Advocate begins with the pass-through approach but takes it one step further by eliminating margin manipulation.
The traditional PBM model “offers volume discounts and high rebates to achieve cost savings” but lacks transparency and locks employers into rigid contracts. The pass-through approach uses average wholesale pricing (AWP) but passes all discounts and rebates back to the employer, charging only an administration fee.
But here’s where our pass-through differs: Instead of AWP, MedBen Rx Advocate prices prescription drugs based on what the pharmacy pays, plus a fair dispensing fee. Our model results in lower costs by removing the ability to make profits on drugs through hidden margin markups.
Even if your PBM offers 100% pass-through transparency, you can be paying even less. Let MedBen Rx Advocate show you how by calling our Sales & Marketing Department at 888-627-8683.