If your plan has a primary network structure, MedBen has an ideal way to lower your costs on out-of-network care – saving you, on average, 76% off of billed charges. We’ve partnered with The Phia Group to offer Unwrapped, a comprehensive pricing solution.

Unwrapped allows out-of-network claims to be paid at a percentage of Medicare, replacing costly wrap networks and ambiguous pricing with superior savings. There’s no minimum claims size, and balance billing is eliminated through patient advocacy and negotiation.

Other Unwrapped advantages:

  • Fees are based on a percentage of actual savings as opposed to billed charges.
  • Industry-leading plan language flawlessly supports the protection of plan assets.
  • The plan, payment methodology, and savings are defended by Phia at all costs.

Unwrapped helps protect forward-thinking plan sponsors against high out-of-network costs. Get more information by calling MedBen Marketing at 888-627-8683.