Hard to believe, but we’re already in the final quarter of 2022… so if you haven’t reminded your plan members to schedule their annual wellness exam yet, do it now!
Your plan may require members to get their wellness exam by December 31 to stay compliant – and failure to do so could affect monthly premiums. Plus, as the year winds down, physician calendars fill up, so it gets harder to schedule an appointment.

  • If your plan offers MedBen WellLiving, our reporting enables you to track member compliance with exams and recommended tests. Members, too, can monitor their compliance by visiting MedBen Access online or via our mobile app.
  • And if your plan doesn’t offer MedBen WellLiving, then consider adding it! Greater compliance equals healthier members and lower costs. On average, WellLiving clients spend 6.2% less than those that don’t use WellLiving.

Learn all the benefits of MedBen WellLiving by calling your broker or our Marketing Department at 888-627-8683.