Business meetingBecause your health plan belongs to you.
A plan should be built around your goals, not the insurance carrier’s. The one-size-fits-all approach used by Administrative Services Only (“ASO”) organizations just won’t cut it if you want the best outcomes and maximum savings.
MedBen helps you design a plan to your specifications, using self-funding’s flexibility to customize your benefits and keep costs as low as possible. The results speak for themselves:
  • MedBen’s leading-edge forensic claims review saves clients an average of 53.4% on targeted claims over and above the PPO discount.
  • Our alternative reimbursement strategies enable clients with direct-to-employer contracting or reference-based pricing plans to outperform traditional PPO plans by an average of 23.5%.
  • By using innovative pharmacy solutions like comparative effectiveness and “Cost Plus” pricing, MedBen Rx clients spend an average of 21.6% less than those who use other PBMs.
  • With wellness solutions focused on their population’s health conditions, MedBen WellLiving clients spend 8.8% less on average than those who don’t use MedBen WellLiving.
MedBen avoids “cookie cutter” benefits planning to help you find the cost-saving solutions that work best for your business. Learn what we can do for you by calling us at 888-627-8683.