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A Different Approach.

Some benefits managers will point to their provider network discounts as proof of their ability to help your bottom line, never mentioning the terms you are forced to accept in exchange. Or others will boast of a smaller administration fee… hopefully distracting you from the higher claim payments and hidden fees that will end up costing you much more in the long run.

At MedBen, benefits management means more than just cutting a few dollars off your service fees. Our comprehensive approach to benefits management ensures your employees have a positive experience while helping your business keep health care costs low.  And there are a variety of ways that the MedBen Advantage works to your benefit.



Our highly experienced team of specialists provides you with important regulatory information and guidance to keep your plan compliant with state and federal rules.

Client Service

Your dedicated Account Representatives provide day-to-day guidance and support for your benefits team and help with onsite enrollment meetings.


Data Security

MedBen takes a highly proactive approach in all of areas of your data protection. We’ve had an in-house information systems team since the late 1980’s, and a considerable portion of their responsibility, then and now, has been in finding ways to maximize data security and guarantee client privacy.

Client Education

Part of MedBen’s mission is educating Clients about important trends in employer benefits management. We employ a variety of strategies to keep clients in the know, from newsletters and direct mailings to MedBen University seminars and roundtables.

The MedBen Advantage, Working for You.


With over 80 years as an employer benefits manager and 30+ years as a third party administrator, MedBen understands how to make a health care plan succeed.


MedBen backs up promises with real results… and should we ever fall short, we make good on those promises. We stand behind our work, and work hard to continually earn your trust.


MedBen is not afraid to experiment with new ideas and services… but we test them in-house first and ensure they work before offering them to clients.


Experience brings knowledge. From claims processing to client service, we’ve learned the best ways to manage your benefits with accuracy and cost effectiveness.


MedBen listens to your specific plan goals and responds with actionable solutions.


MedBen makes sure that you know what you’re paying, who you’re paying, and why. And we hold firm to the belief that your money belongs to you.

Results-Driven Solutions.

At MedBen, we offer results-driven solutions through innovation in claims, plan and population management, fully supported by customized, interactive technology and a dedicated (and really smart) team of people working for you. We offer all the services you need to maximize the value of self-funding.

Self-funding Saves. MedBen Delivers.