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Complete the Checkup.

Personal health care shouldn’t end with the annual medical checkup. People who neglect professional dental and vision care do themselves a great disservice.

Treated properly, teeth and eyes can provide a lifetime of use. Moreover, regular dental and vision exams can detect the onset of various medical conditions, from heart problems to diabetes.

Providing MedBen PreceDent and VisionPlus as part of a comprehensive benefits package greatly improves your employees’ chances of good health for many years to come. Whether offered separately or together, PreceDent and VisionPlus are affordable care options that will be greatly appreciated by your current employees, and invaluable for attracting new ones.

MedBen PreceDent

Promote prevention.

By adding a dental benefit to your health care plan, you offer your employees an incentive to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums. MedBen PreceDent helps you to promote preventive care through regular exams and provide restorative care at a reasonable price.

Lower costs.
MedBen PreceDent offers sizeable discounts over regular dental rates, so you and your employees both save.
Plan member freedom.
With MedBen PreceDent, plan members can choose to use network providers for the lowest cost or visit dentists outside the network.
No waiting whatsoever.
MedBen PreceDent has no waiting period for preventive services or basic restorative (if applying when first eligible).

Plus, the MedBen Advantage extends to dental benefits. You receive the same attention to claims management and customer service that MedBen clients already know and expect from their medical and pharmacy administration.

Healthy smiles… plus.

When patients go in for exams, the dentist isn’t just checking if they’ve been brushing. Teeth and gums can alert the dentist to the possibility of multiple diseases. And research shows that people who get regular dental cleanings reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke.


Putting your employees’ eyes first.

With VisionPlus, employers can offer vision coverage that promotes the importance of annual eye examinations and early detection and treatment of visual impairments. You can put together a vision package that meets employees’ eye care needs while respecting your budget.

Precertified benefits.
Optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians can receive precertified claim forms via our BeneFax system.
Participant choice.
Participants can select from our extensive provider network or receive care from a non-network provider at reduced benefit levels.
Cost management controls.
Network provider fees are lower than usual and customary charges. Plus, we limit frame markups and offer discounts on contact lenses.

Plan design flexibility is another important aspect of the VisionPlus approach to vision coverage. Employers choose copayment levels and the frequency of covered exams and materials.

More than meets the eye.

Good vision coverage goes beyond what you can see with your own eyes. During an exam, doctors can detect early signs of hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes. Add that to vision correction, and you get a good idea of just how valuable VisionPlus can be.

Add an Ounce (or Two) of Prevention

Adding dental and vision care to your benefits package is a smart way to provide valuable coverage at a reasonable price. MedBen would be happy to help you assemble a prevention package that will satisfy both your employee needs and your bottom line.

Self-funding Saves. MedBen Delivers.