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Actionable Insights.

The MedBen Analytics online portal, available to all MedBen clients at no additional cost, offers a variety of actionable claims utilization data on a secure employer dashboard.

MedBen Analytics examines past claims experience and what’s happening now, while incorporating predictive modeling to forecast future activity. We deliver greater insight into the information that matters to you most.

Current MedBen clients can access MedBen Analytics on their computer or mobile devices. To set up your account, please contact us at 888-627-8683.

MedBen Analytics Employer Dashboard

MedBen Analytics’ employer dashboard gives you the information most important to you in one central location. Interactive charts and graphs break down paid amounts for medical and pharmacy utilization by population, with data refreshed twice per month.

Financial Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard provides a snapshot of medical claims, pharmacy claims, specialty drugs, and admissions. Users can view paid or incurred claims activity over a selected date range, including the monthly claim count and benchmark average claim cost.

Utilization Dashboard

The Utilization Dashboard is divided into ER Visits, Inpatient Admissions, and Outpatient Imaging. Simply by clicking the double arrow next to the section header, users can see more detailed utilization information on any of these categories. 


MedBen Analytics’ benchmarking capabilities enable you to compare your data against MedBen’s block of business as well as national norms and/or specific industries. With benchmarks, you get a true measure of how your plan stacks up.

Your benchmarking choice is immediately reflected on the dashboard content.

An Extensive Reporting Library

Once you’ve chosen your population, reporting period and benchmark preferences, just sit back and watch MedBen Analytics go to work for you. Dozens of charts, graphs and tables, instantly generated. Our financial, clinical, risk and savings reports show you what is working with your plan while highlighting areas of potential improvement.


Downloadable Reports

MedBen Analytics also offers a variety of customizable, downloadable reports that can be filtered by specific accounts and populations, and compared to prior periods using up to five years of data. You can even bundle multiple reports to run at once, complete with a Table of Contents. 

Reports can be auto-generated on a timetable determined by you… or if you prefer, MedBen can do it for you.


Make Your Plan Even Better

MedBen Analytics takes data analysis to a higher level… and best of all, MedBen Analytics complements our other reporting resources, including regular reviews from your dedicated Account Management team that highlight plan trends and opportunities to make your plan even better.

Current MedBen clients with questions about using MedBen Analytics may contact us at 888-627-8683.

For hospitals, health systems and providers participating in Medicare value-based programs, MedBen Analytics provides a separate bundled payment analysis and reporting program. This software platform turns claims data into actionable insights necessary to improve services throughout the patient journey. Visit the MedBen Analytics bundled payment website ( to learn more.

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