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2021 MedBen Client Report

MedBen delivers industry-leading cost saving solutions for our clients year after year. Click here to see the proof.

MedBen Claims Management Delivers.

With MedBen claims management, you pay the right price only for the services necessary… and don’t get locked into contracts that prevent a thorough claims review.

MedBen Reimbursement Strategies Deliver.

Direct-to-employer contracting, reference-based pricing and other alternative reimbursement strategies offer employers the flexibility and independence to better manage health care costs.

MedBen Rx Delivers.

No games, no hidden discounts… just total transparency. Our independent pharmacy benefits management passes through all  rebates and other savings to you.

MedBen Analytics Delivers.

Insight requires information combined with a deep understanding of employee benefits. Our employer dashboard gives you the insights you need to manage your health plan.

MedBen WellLiving Delivers.

Our wellness/disease management program encourages members to get preventive screenings from physicians in order to identify and manage chronic and potentially catastrophic conditions early.

MedBen Client Services Deliver.

Service means being there when you are needed with the right information and guidance. MedBen client services are there when you need us.

Make FSA- and HSA-Eligible Purchases Online.

FSA Store and HSA Store make shopping for eligible products simple and convenient. If you use your MedBen debit card, you don’t need to substantiate your purchase!

Self-funding offers superior savings over fully-insured health plans… but that is just the half of it. Equally important is having the right tools to take advantage of self-funding’s strengths.

For 30-plus years, MedBen has been delivering industry-leading claims management approaches, innovative plan design strategies, transparent, pass-through pharmacy solutions, integrated wellness programs, and superior customer service.

Self-funding saves. MedBen delivers.

Savings through Self-funding

Claims Management

Alternative Reimbursement Strategies

MedBen Rx

MedBen Analytics

MedBen WellLiving

Client Services

Peace of Mind


Savings through Self-funding

Self-funding saves, but how you self-fund also matters. Maximizing value calls for the right administrator… and there’s a crucial distinction between ASO organizations and the third party administration that allows MedBen to deliver real self-funded savings. 

Administrative Services Only (ASO) organizations are typically run by large insurance carriers who package their medical administration with other services operated by the same company… so if you’re “saving” money in one area, there’s a good chance you’re paying it back in another.

With MedBen third party administration (TPA), clients have the ability to select from different vendors who compete for their business. MedBen helps you build the best plan design and cost saving solutions… we help you choose the best option for you.

Self-Funding Saves

In this case study, we examine a MedBen self-funded client’s actual costs against their fully-funded maximum liability, which is often used to compare the same coverage to fully-insured rates.


Five-year savings that stays with the employer and NOT a carrier.


Claims Management

Good claims management takes more than just auto-adjudication and getting the payment out the door. Real claims savings requires that you pay the right price only for the services necessary… and don’t get locked into contracts that prevent a thorough claims review. This is how MedBen claims management delivers.

MedBen utilizes an advanced surveillance system of thousands of physician-developed algorithms which audit claims clinically and financially.

In 2015, per-employee client savings was $13.61… which means in five years the average savings has increased by 35.2%.

Looking back to 2015, reviews saved clients 26.5%… so the current opportunities for savings have now more than doubled.

Through MedBen’s claims management strategies, clients’ claim costs per employee trended at 2.3% between 2016 and 2020.


Alternative Reimbursement Strategies

Self-funding offers employers  the flexibility and independence to better manage health care costs through alternative reimbursement strategies, like direct-to-employer contracting where health systems partner with health plans to lower cost and improve care. Or reference-based pricing that affords employers the opportunity to reimburse according to Medicare pricing.

MedBen clients who use direct-to-employer (DTE) contracting or reference-based pricing (RBP) spend on average 23.5% less than traditional PPO plans.

37% of MedBen clients now use direct-to-employer contracting or a reference-based pricing reimbursement strategy.


 Transparency is important in the pharmacy benefits world – there are too many games and hidden costs. But to save money you also need an independent pharmacy benefits manager that passes through all savings and 100% of paid rebates. This is rare in a world where health insurance companies use PBMs as another profit line. But it is where MedBen Rx delivers.

MedBen Rx clients spend on average 21.6% less than other PBMs.

MedBen Rx clients spend 20.0% less on average cost per script than other PBMs.

81% of MedBen clients currently use MedBen Rx.


Managing a health plan requires insight. Insight for health plans requires information combined with a deep understanding of employee benefits. This is where MedBen Analytics delivers for our clients.

MedBen Analytics offers actionable reports that show you what is working with your plan while highlighting areas of potential improvement… and greater savings.

MedBen Analytics’ benchmarking capabilities enable you to compare your data against and national norms and/or specific industries. You can also narrow your reporting by plan type, number of lives and other metrics to get a true measure of how your plan stacks up.

The MedBen Analytics employer dashboard offers a dollar-and-cents snapshot that shows you where your plan has been, where it is, and where it’s going.

Using the dashboard, employers can review medical and pharmacy activity and find opportunities to improve population health and reduce overall costs. This intuitive and integrated approach offers insights that save you money and maximize your plan value.


It makes sense. Structure a wellness/disease management program that encourages members to get preventive screenings from physicians in order to identify and manage chronic and potentially catastrophic conditions early, and you will improve plan performance and employee health. Wellness saves and MedBen WellLiving delivers.

Through early detection and prevention of chronic conditions, MedBen WellLiving clients spend an average of 8.8% less compared to those who don’t use WellLiving.

MedBen WellLiving clients spend less
per member on all major chronic conditions.

45% of MedBen clients currently use MedBen WellLiving.

From 2016 to 2020, MedBen WellLiving clients saw a significantly lower trend and claim costs compared to clients who didn’t use our wellness program.

From year to year, MedBen WellLiving clients spent less than non-WellLiving clients… a trend we expect to continue.

In 2020, WellLiving clients spent $1,141 less per employee than those who didn’t use WellLiving.


Client Services

Service means being there when you are needed with the right information and guidance. Employers don’t often think about benefits – it isn’t what they’re supposed to think about. MedBen thinks about benefits all the time, and we’re there when you need us.

Members who call MedBen Customer Service are connected to a representative in an average of 35 seconds.


95% of MedBen Customer Service questions are resolved on the first call.

Our dedicated Account Management teams have earned an average client satisfaction rating of 4.8 (out of 5) for their ability to handle inquiries and issues.

MedBen Access is available online and now via mobile app as a convenient source for claims and benefits information anytime you need it.


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is our goal. The proper combination of information and performance. But you determine whether we have accomplished that. If we have, you have our commitment that we will keep working at it. If we haven’t, call us.

In our current climate, the rules change fast. MedBen Compliance helps you stay ahead of state and federal legislation that affects your plan.

MedBen uses extensive information privacy and security safeguards to ensure that only those who need personal data to do their job can see it.

In 2020 MedBen earned ISO 9001:2015 recertification, so we can ensure that clients receive high quality and consistency of service. We first achieved certification in 2005.

Stability counts, and access matters. Our senior staff has served clients for an average of 24 years… and the entire management team is available to speak to you anytime. Just call, e-mail or write us.