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Effective Wellness Solutions.

MedBen WellLiving advances better health in your workplace by focusing on effective wellness solutions. We help you develop a strategy that advances healthy, cost-effective goals to your employee population.

MedBen WellLiving is built upon the importance of timely preventive care, which is more cost-effective than reactionary care. Adding WellLiving to your benefits plan increases the likelihood of catching costly conditions at their earliest stages, helping you to reduce absenteeism and control long-term spending.

A Multi-Tier Approach

MedBen WellLiving offers a multi-tier approach to address the health needs of your total workforce… even those who have never had a sick day. We focus on their better health now to reduce their health risk later.

Primary Prevention

Emphasizes regular checkups and screenings, thereby improving the chances of catching heart disease, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions early.

Specialty Care

Identifies employees at higher risk of developing a chronic condition and provides one-on-one coaching and disease-specific education from RN health consultants.

Early Disease Detection

Identifies cancers and other potentially catastrophic conditions, which means a better outcome for your employees and lower costs for your health plan.

Physician Driven

The MedBen WellLiving program espouses a physician-driven approach – instead of relying on personal health assessments and company biometrics, the family doctor serves as the primary gatekeeper of patient care. This way, the doctor can monitor member health in addition to administering wellness exams and screenings.

Track Compliance

MedBen WellLiving reports allows you to track changes in overall population health and see in pure dollars-and-cents how wellness benefits your business financially. We guide you through the numbers and make suggestions for changes when necessary.

Additionally, plan members can track their wellness compliance online via our secure MedBen Access site.


Written specifically for MedBen WellLiving members, this monthly newsletter offers wellness information on a selected topic, along with suggestions for using the WellLiving program to its best advantage. Visit the WellCare archive to read some back issues for yourself!

Fast Facts


Difference between per-employee claim costs paid by WellLiving clients and non-WellLiving clients


Average six-year claims cost trend, WellLiving Clients (compared to 7.0% for non-WellLiving clients)


Increase in preventive exams and screenings for First-Year WellLiving Groups (with Incentives)

Take the First Step to Better Health.

If your company is ready to improve employee health while benefiting your bottom line, MedBen WellLiving can help. We will work with you to develop rollout strategies that ensure employee understanding of company goals and promote program participation from the get-go.