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MedBen offers a variety of services designed to help you build a benefits plan specific to the needs and demographics of your employee population. We draw on our decades of benefit management experience to assist you in improving your plan members’ health while reducing your overall spending.

From innovative claims management and pharmacy solutions to physician-directed worksite wellness, MedBen services focus on the causes of higher health care costs and address them with practical and common-sense solutions.

Medical Benefits Administrators

From benefit strategies to stop-loss coverage, MedBen helps you create a self-funded plan that meet your group’s unique needs. And our cost containment tools help your bottom line.


MedBen Rx Advocate

MedBen Rx Advocate delivers superior pharmacy benefit savings by taking all the hidden costs out of the system. And 100% of rebates go back to the plan.


MedBen WellLiving

MedBen WellLiving is built around the idea that maintaining a doctor-patient relationship is essential to the early detection, prevention and management of costly chronic conditions.


MedBen Specialty Services

Offer a consumer-driven health plan to promote employer savings and employee choice, and ensure plan compliance with COBRA administration.



MedBen PreceDent & VisionPlus

Complement your plan with dental and vision benefits. MedBen can help you put together a complete health care package tailored to your population.



MedBen Analytics

This bundled payment platform for health systems converts Medicare data into actionable insights. Our reporting helps users uncover inefficiencies and unlock value.



It is easy to understand that you have surrounded yourself with an amazing team! This takes dedicated leadership and leading by example to establish a culture of customer service – You have all surpassed any expectation I have had so far!

Ashley Wensyel

Employee Experience Manager, Muskingum Valley Health Centers